Synacor Challenge

This challenge was given by Synacor at php[tek] and OSCON in years past. Now, we are opening it up to everyone! This is a programming challenge, but you can use any language you like. As you complete sections, come back here to check your answer codes. The winner during each convention got Apple gift cards and fame. While we're not giving away physical prizes any more, we still hope you'll find the challenges fun and interesting!

-- Sign Up -----------------------------

To begin, sign up here and download the challenge materials. If you don't have a Twitter handle, leave the field blank.

-- Submit a Code -----------------------

Along the way, you will find codes; submit them here to track your progress.

-- Re-Download Challenge ---------------

If you need to re-download the materials for the challenge, you can do so here.

-- About / Contact ---------------------

My name is Eric; I am a Software Architect at Synacor. If you happen to be looking for somewhere awesome to work, they're hiring. In fact, if you like, email HR directly and tell them you participated in the challenge. Although the contest is over, you can still send me feedback on Twitter as @ericwastl or via email. However, I don't have time to provide hints or answers on an individual basis. Good luck!